Director Dasari Narayana Rao is No More

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After fighting with life for a long time, senior tollywood director Sri Dasari Narayana Rao has taken his last breath today at 7 pm. The doctors have confirmed the Death News a couple of minutes back. The reasons for his sudden death were revealed by the hospital. All theaters in Andhra and Telangana will remain closed for next two days. Celebrities like Pawan Kalyan, Chiranjeevi, Mohanbabu, Nagarjuna, etc have expressed their deep condolences to the family of Dasari
He was undergoing a treatment at KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad from last four days. He has recovered well from last year’s operation and is treated for his respiratory issues… Dasari was born on 4th May 1942 at Palakollu. Some of his blockbuster films include ‘Bobbili Puli’, ‘Premabhishekam’ & ‘Osey Ramulamma’

Following are some of his achievements…

దర్శకుడిగా తొలి చిత్రం ‘తాత-మనవడు’(1974) కు నంది అవార్డు.

‘స్వర్గం-నరకం’ చిత్రానికి బంగారు నంది.

‘మేఘ సందేశం’ చిత్రానికి ఉత్తమ దర్శకుడిగా నంది అవార్డు(1982).

‘మామగారు’ చిత్రానికి ఉత్తమ నటుడిగా నంది అవార్డు(1992).

ఆంధ్రా యూనివర్సిటీ నుంచి ‘కళా ప్రపూర్ణ’ గౌరవ పురస్కారం

2007లో ఎన్టీఆర్‌ నేషనల్‌ అవార్డు.

2009లో శోభన్‌బాబు తొలి స్మార పురస్కారం.

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